All-in-one tool for software teams

Froost is the all-in-one tool to create roadmaps, organise projects, plan sprints and communicate with your team.

Private launch coming soon

Built for software teams who want to get work done

Froost is built for high performance teams who want to streamline their workflow & focus on shipping features.

All your work in one place

Simplify your day by using one tool to manage tasks, plan upcoming projects & update stake holders.

Manage Projects and Tasks

Create tasks for what you need to get done. Froost will help you get organised so you can stay focused

  • Kanban & lists

    See your projects & issues in a list or a Kanban board

  • Feature prioritization

    Ship the right feature by following tried and tested product prioritisation techniques. Froost allows you to see which features are important to your team.

Real-time communication

Communicate with team members and stake holders through real-time messaging and email.

  • One place to check for notifications

    No more constant switching between group chat and your project management app

Create engaging roadmaps

No more out of date roadmaps, link tasks & projects to your roadmaps so everyone of the team can see up to date project statuses.

  • Collaborative thinking

    Two heads are better than one. Build roadmaps in realtime with other team members.

  • Share with anyone

    Ensure everyone is on the same page. You can share roadmaps with different stakeholders, and if plans change they'll all stay up to date.

Example of the Froost roadmap UI

Froost allows me to spend less time in meetings & more time doing my job.

Ema Reid

No more switching between 3 or 4 apps, I know exactly what I need to get done & my team knows what I'm working on!

Private launch coming soon

Only a few spots remain for our closed beta group, be one of them

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